Pace Picks Up for Weems

The recruiting pace has picked up for a Houston area prep, but he still shows a lot of loyalty to some of the programs that were the first ones on him.

Conroe (Texas) Oak Ridge tight end David Weems was one of the first players on Iowa State's list and he's had a Dec. 6-7 official visit scheduled for nearly a month.

"It started off really slow this season," said Weems, who has made 26 catches for 540 yards and seven touchdowns this fall. "Before the season I might have had one or two offers. Now I have like 25 D-I offers. Iowa State was like the third or fourth to offer and that's what really got me interested in them. Florida, LSU, Iowa State, North Carolina and Texas Tech would be my favorites."

Weems doesn't know much about the Cyclones, but likes their future beyond quarterback Seneca Wallace.

"I'm really not sure what I like about Iowa State, that's why I want to take a visit," he said. "I've watched their football games and see that they're good and have the potential to be so much better with the offensive style they run. Coach told me that they had a quarterback under Seneca Wallace that's going to be just as good. I like quarterbacks that can throw, because (catching passes is) what I like to do.

"I don't think they've used the tight end as much this year, because he's not much of a receiving tight end. He's more of a blocking tight end from what I've seen. I have a feeling if they had somebody up there that could block as well as play a receiver part, they'd throw a lot more to him."

Asked what some positives are about LSU and Florida, Weems had this to say. "I like LSU because it's pretty close and they have top-notch facilities. I've seen the facilities online and am going down there Saturday on an unofficial visit with my father. Florida's reputation is great and they have good facilities. I like the area and the coaches a lot."

Proximity is something Weems is considering in the different programs recruiting him. LSU's campus is just over four hours from his home, he said. It would be nice to remain close to Conroe, but Weems said it won't be the only thing he considers.

"I'd like to stay close to save my dad some money," he said. "I don't really want to try and get plane tickets. But as far as how far I go, it's just a matter of where I'm comfortable. So in that regard, I'm not really worried about distance." Now comes to the question of Big 12 or SEC? Both conferences appeal to him in different ways.

"I used to be an Aggie and have a bunch of friends around here that play in the Big 12," he said. "I've got around 10 to 15 kids I know playing on different teams around here. I don't like A&M's offense and most of the Big 12's offenses. The Big 12 is mainly running. I guess I like the other conferences better for that. But I do like the Big 12 because of the competition."

Regardless of conference, however, many D-I teams like Weems' all-around ability as a tight end.

"Everybody's looking at me as a tight end," he said. "They like my aggressiveness out on the field and say my routes are already that of college receivers. They just like the way I ran the ball, blocked and the overall package."

Weems said he took an official visit to Arizona two weeks ago. In addition to having ISU set for Dec. 6-7, he will go to Missouri on Dec. 13-14 and North Carolina sometime in January. That leaves one more official visit left to schedule.

"It's a lot of fun," he said of the recruiting process. "I like it a lot. I'm sad it's going to be ending soon and I'll be a freshman again."

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