Texas Defensive End Has Two Favorites

Ball (TX)High School's Justin Williams is very clear when it comes to who his two favorites colleges are at the moment.

"Iowa State and Colorado are clearly my favorites at the moment," he said. "Both are showing that they are very interested in me and I would love to go either one to play football."

The 6-foot-3, 250-pound defensive end currently holds offers from UNLV, Iowa State, Tulsa, and Colorado and hopes that his play will increase his amount of offers. "I feel I'm a very solid pass rusher and I really like hitting quarterbacks," he said. "I'll probably wait to see what other offers I might get if I play really well this year."

Williams has been in constant communication with Iowa State assistant coach Shawn Raney throughout the summer. "We talk once a week and I think Coach Raney's pretty cool," he said. "I call him or he calls my coach. He's really down to earth."

Justin plans on taking a visit to Ames this fall but he likely won't be alone. "I'm sure I'll be going with my teammate (fellow Cyclone recruiting target) Kenneth Jenkins. We're supposed to go on our bye-week but I'm not sure when that is yet," said Williams. "I would love to play with him in college because we make each other play better."

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