Ten Questions With Alexander Robinson

With the start of the season approaching, Cyclone Sports Report will be bringing Iowa State fans an assortment of interviews with a variety of coaches and players to get the real inside scoop on what to expect for the upcoming season.

Cyclone Sports Report: How has camp been going so far?

Alexander Robinson: I think it has been going pretty well. It's our fifth day and I think that a lot of players are showing how much they improved over the summer.

CSR: What is the biggest thing you worked on during the off-season?

AR: I got stronger working with Coach Sheppard (Director of Strength and Conditioning). I also got faster and feel I have become more explosive.

CSR: What are your individual goals for the upcoming season?

AR: I really want to become a more complete player. I think mostly just to make sure I help the team in any way I possibly can.

CSR: What are your team goals?

AR: We just want to have a better season than last season. Mostly we're just going to take things week by week.

CSR: You rushed for 391 yards over the final four games of last season. How much confidence did that give you heading into your sophomore season?

AR: A little bit more I would say but what was most important was that I was having that success because I was doing what the coaches had taught me to do. It definitely gave me a little more confidence going into spring ball.

CSR: How hard are the offensive lineman fighting so that they can start and block for you this season?

It's really a battle at all positions but I must say that the offensive linemen are really doing a great job. From freshman on up to seniors they are all trying to win a starting position.

CSR: How different is the second camp for Coach Chizik at Iowa State?

AR: It's totally different. Everyone knows what is expected of them now. Everyone is working real hard and we fully understand what the expectations are for year two.

CSR: You also caught 18 passes out of the backfield during the last four games. Are we going to see you catching even more balls out of the backfield this year?

AR: Yeah, whoever is at running back will likely be catching a lot of passes. We don't just want to be one-dimensional. We definitely want to open things up.

CSR: What are your initial observations of freshman running back Jeremiah Schwartz?

AR: He's real knowledgeable and he has shown some good power and speed.

CSR: As a kid from Minnesota, would you want to see Brett Favre in a Minnesota Vikings jersey?

AR: Yeah, I would definitely like to see it happen. It's a business and if it were to happen I'd be okay with it.

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