CSR Goes One-On-One With Harrison Barnes

Cyclone Sports Report has been consistently bringing you the most in-depth coverage of Ames High School star and 2010 Cyclone recruiting target Harrison Barnes. As the summer season winds down, we caught up again with Harrison and he reflected on a variety of topics.

Cyclone Sports Report: What was your best experience of the summer?

Harrison Barnes: Going to the LeBron (James) Camp. Getting to go and play with great players and getting to measure your skills against them was really a great experience. It was also a lot of fun to talk with him a little bit.

CSR: Were there any negative experiences for you this summer?

HB: No, there was really no bad times. This was really one of the best summers of my life.

CSR: Did you feel players tried to step their game up against you more as your national ranking improved throughout the summer?

HB: They might have but I didn't notice. In my eyes I'm still the hunter because I'm not ranked number one yet and plus I have to make sure the other guys below me don't take my spot.

CSR: You stated to us earlier in the summer that you wanted to work on your ball handling during the summer. Do you feel you have done this?

HB: I believe it has come a long way but I still have a lot of work to do on it.

CSR: Would you have believed that you would be ranked in the top ten players for 2010 nationally a year ago?

HB: I'd be in shock a little bit but as the summer has gone on I don't feel like it's a dream and that someone needs to pinch me. I feel that a lot of hard work is paying off. However, I still have a lot of work to do and there is definitely no time to get complacent.

CSR: In your mind, do you have a list of your top five or ten favorite schools that are recruiting you?

HB: No, not yet. I have only been to four campuses and I feel I have to take a lot more of an in-depth look at these universities. I have to do more research on them and their systems.

CSR: Some people are already speculating that you will only play one year of college basketball before heading to the NBA. How do you respond when you hear this?

HB: I'm a high school junior and I've yet to play in a college basketball game. I've seen a college practice and I know I'm not ready for a college game. So I don't even listen when people bring that up because it's so far off.

CSR: Do you have any other events left for the summer?

HB: Yes, I'll be playing in the Nike Global Challenge this weekend in Oregon. It's a great honor playing for the U.S. team and it's really just an honor to be playing in the event.

CSR: What will be the most important factors in choosing a school?

HB: Ultimately it will have to have a strong education and that has to be a main focal point. The school will have to want me to graduate and not just talk about basketball. I will also look at style of play which for me would need to be a fast break style. I really like to get up and down in high scoring games but in a controlled manner. I will have to feel comfortable with the coaching staff and know that they want me to be the best player I can be.

CSR: Will you likely choose a school next summer or could a decision come before then?

HB: Right now I don't know because next summer is so far off. I do know that by then I will hopefully be better but picking a school is not my focus now. I'm just trying to get better and focus on winning a high school state championship this year.

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