Ten Questions With Allen Bell

Iowa State returns all four starters in its defensive secondary. Cyclone Sports Report went one-on-one with cornerback Allen Bell and found out that Bell believes the Cyclones are in for a very solid season.

Cyclone Sports Report: How is camp going for you?

Allen Bell: It's going real good. I'm just trying to refine my skills and overall we are looking real good.

CSR: How have you improved from last year?

AB: I'm understanding the defense better and everything is becoming second nature for me. I can see things faster than last year and react a lot quicker.

CSR: What individual goals do you have for the upcoming season?

AB: I want to have a better overall season. I want to get my hands on more balls than last year. I didn't have as many deflections or interceptions as I wanted last season.

CSR: What are your team goals?

AB: Our goal is to go to the Big 12 Championship game. We want to win the conference and I feel we can.

CSR: Do you feel that you are one of the leaders of the defense?

AB: I think we have different types of leaders. In the secondary, our leader is Chris Singleton. I just try to lead more by example than doing it vocally.

CSR: What is the biggest difference between playing junior college football and playing against Big 12 competition?

AB: Everybody who is here is good. Some junior college teams might only have a few players that will eventually play Division-I but when you play here you have to go hard on every snap because someone is on scholarship who can beat you if you don't. The players in the Big 12 are just a lot more consistent.

CSR: Coach Chizik has been known to help develop numerous defensive backs into NFL players. How has he helped you as a player?

AB: By giving me input on how I'm playing and where I need to be at. He has also helped me get better with my technique. Him and the coaches have also helped me understand the game a lot better. Now I know and understand my responsibilities a lot better.

CSR: Why will the defense be better than last year?

AB: From a secondary standpoint, we are returning everyone and I think we will get the little things accomplished this year that we didn't last year. Everything is becoming second nature for the whole defense now that we have been under Coach Chizik for a year. I think we as a defense are going to play with a lot more swagger this year.

CSR: Who is a name on the defense that is not getting a lot of hype by the media even though he should be?

AB: Devin McDowell. I think he will make a lot of big plays and turn on a lot of heads this year. From last season to now, he has really been playing lights out football.

CSR: What was the best movie you saw all summer?

AB: Wanted

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