Lenz Is The Newest Cyclone

A third visit to Iowa State this past weekend was the clincher as Dubuque Hempstead (IA) High School's Josh Lenz decided to commit to Iowa State.

"I went down Saturday again for a third time and it really sealed the deal for me," he said. "It was the first time for my mom and the second time for my dad. They really liked everything about it."

Josh said that after meeting with the academic advisers, eating with the coaches, and then watching the scrimmage that everything just felt right. "Every time I went to Iowa State I just seemed to like it more," said Lenz. "I talked to all my family and I knew it was the right decision to make."

Lenz said it took a little while to finally get a hold of Coach Chizik due to his busy schedule. "I first called Coach Petersen because he has been the main guy recruiting me and he told me to call back around 3pm to talk with Coach Chizik," he said. "But I had to go to school to register so I didn't get to tell Coach Chizik until about 6:30 tonight."

Josh said that Iowa State's head coach was very excited with the news. "He's all excited that I chose to commit and told me he felt that it was a good decision on my part," said Lenz. "He also asked me about staying committed and how he doesn't want to go through any de-commitments but I reassured him that my decision was final."

The 6-foot, 180-pound wide receiver loves the fact that he will be playing relatively close to home. "It was a huge part of my decision because Dubuque is only about 2 1/2 hours away," he said. "I also have family in Des Moines who I will be able to go and visit whenever I want to."

Josh also likes the fact that he will be getting to play in the Big 12. "It hasn't fully sunk in but it's going to be awsome," said Lenz. "The Big 12 is just a great conference and getting to play every Saturday in front of thousands of people will be unbelievable."

Lenz isn't sure when he will be taking his official visit to Iowa State but he did mention that he might be doing some recruiting for them. "I'm pretty good friends with Cedar Falls tight end Darion Howard," he said. "So I'm definitely going to talk to him and hopefully I can get him in the boat."

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