Ten Questions With Kurtis Taylor

Cyclone Sports Report continues its Iowa State football season preview by going one-on-one with defensive end Kurtis Taylor who came from injury last season to record 6.5 sacks for the Cyclones.

Cyclone Sports Report: How is your final camp going for you?

Kurtis Taylor: It's going great! I've just been coming in trying to refine my skills. I'm always hungry to get better and Coach Pelton really instills that in us. He really preaches about getting better each and every day.

CSR: How special was it to be named Iowa State Comeback Player of the Year?

KT: It was truly a blessing. God brought me back from it and the training staff did a great job. To come back and have success is really a blessing.

CSR: How is your health going into the 2008 season?

KT: I feel ready and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.

CSR: What are your individual goals for the season?

KT: Really focusing on each and every day. I just have to never be satisfied and give my all during every game.

CSR: What are your team goals?

KT: In regards to wins and losses, I can't put a specific number out there. However, we are really excited about this season and I feel were are putting in the time and effort that will really pay off by the end of the season.

CSR: With the defensive line losing the likes of Ahtyba Rubin, how are the newcomers doing so far?

KT: Coach Pelton is really doing a great job with them. There's a couple of guys that I think are really going to show up on game day. I feel it's just a matter of them getting experience. The coaches help us in every way they can so we as players have to respond.

CSR: How has Coach Chizik and the new staff made you a better player?

KT: The first week that he was here I sat in his office and we talked. He told me that if you'll listen to this coaching staff and continue to work hard that you will be successful. Since that talk there has not been one thing that has been disappointing. They have helped me so much on getting better as a player. Coach Pelton is the best coach I have ever had on any level. He played the game in the NFL and he knows what it means and feels like to play at that level. He's been a mentor for me both on and off the field.

CSR: As a senior, what do you feel your role is in regards to leadership on this team?

CSR: I try to do things consistently and set an example for the rest of the guys. Some guys are more vocal but I'm just a guy who leads by example.

CSR: Who would be your NFL dream team to get drafted by next spring?

KT: Growing up the San Fransisco 49ers were my team when they had Joe Montana but I don't really have one now. It would just be a blessing to get picked. The team that picked me would be my dream team.

CSR: What is the one thing that you will miss the most about Iowa State when this year comes to an end?

KT: The guys on this team. The relationships I have developed with these brothers of mine and the coaches. I'll miss it because we really are one big family. We eat together, fight on the field together, and hang out on weekends. There's just a tremendous family atmosphere at Iowa State.

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