Ten Questions With Marquis Hamilton

We continue today's season preview by going one-on-one with one of the few Cyclone receivers who returns with a lot of experience.

Cyclone Sports Report: How is camp going for you?

Marquis Hamilton: It's been okay as we are having our typical ups and downs. Sometimes the offense looks real good and other days it's the defense that really looks good. It really just see-saws back and forth.

CSR: How have you improved since last season?

MH: I feel like I'm more consistent. Sometimes I didn't feel like I always knew what was going on last year. I really have more of a grasp of the offense this year.

CSR: What are your individidual goals for this year?

MH: Just doing whatever it takes to help this team win. Whether that means catching a lot of passes or doing my best blocking, I'll do whatever it takes.

CSR: What are your team goals?

MH: I feel like we can get to a bowl game. Lots of people have counted us out but I feel like we can get to a bowl.

CSR: How are Austen Arnaud and Phillip Bates different as quarterbacks?

MH: Austen has a little more experience and knows the game speed a little better but really they are both capable of getting us down the field.

CSR: What did you learn from Todd Blythe as a receiver?

MH: I learned a lot and probably the most important thing was his approach that he took to the game. He worked just as hard in practice as he did in games and he was always upbeat and working to get better.

CSR: With Todd gone, do you feel that you have to be more of a leader at the receiver position?

MH: I feel like I can assume a leadership role but our seniors also have done that.

CSR: How does it help in practice going against such an experienced secondary?

MH: I feel it's going to prepare us a lot better for games, especially in the Big 12.

CSR: You have made the Big 12 Honor Roll three straight semesters. What does that mean to you?

MH: It means a lot to me. I'm here to play football but getting a free education is an incredible opportunity that I need to take advantage of while I'm here. I'm just always trying to work as hard in the classroom as I do on the field.

CSR: Who is the toughest cornerback that you have faced in the Big 12?

MH: Aqib Talib from Kansas.

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