CSR Goes One-On-One With Coach McFarland

With just over a week before the season kicks off, Cyclone Sports Report went to Iowa State's offensive coordinator for some very important answers.

Cyclone Sports Report: When do you feel we will have a decision on who will be the starting quarterback for the South Dakota State game?

Coach Robert McFarland: Hopefully by Thursday or Friday of this week. However, both quarterbacks will definitely play in the game because neither one has shown that they are clearly better than the other one.

CSR: Is the offensive line set with Knapp at center, Lamaak and Stephens at guards, and Dedrick and Hicks at tackle?

RM: I'd say I'm pretty comfortable with the guards and center position but tackle might be the one position where we are still a little unsettled. We hope to settle that by the end of the week.

CSR: Would you expect Alexander Robinson to get at least 20 carries against South Dakota State?

RM: He'll come into the season as our starter. He's really a special kid and he has had a great camp. He's really comfortable with what we are doing and we feel that he has to touch the ball at least 20 times a game. He's going to be a huge factor every game this year.

CSR: How are things at the tight end position?

RM: Well this was an area of concern going in but I think we're going to be okay. Derrick Catlett returns as the likely starter and Collin Franklin has had a real solid camp. I think Carter Bykowski has been the real surpise of camp and could be factor this season.

CSR: Can you talk a little bit about Sedrick Johnson and Darius Darks and what their role might be this season?

RM: Well Sedrick Johnson came in as a highly recruited receiver and he's come in and played well for a freshman. Last scrimmage he made some big plays for us and I hope that he can see a lot of time this year. Wide receiver was clearly a position we needed to address going into camp and Darius Darks has had a great camp. You just never know who will step up and he clearly has shown that he has a grasp of the offense and that he is very comfortable playing at this level. He will definitely be a factor for us this year.

CSR: What is the biggest improvement the offense has made from last year?

RM: They really understand the concept of what we are trying to do. We as a staff can now focus more on technique and they really get the big picture in regards to the plays that we come up with. Instead of having to explain a word or formation the concepts have been established. Once we give it to them they just go out and execute the plays.

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