Ten Questions With Austen Arnaud

As CSR continues its season preview, we caught up Austen Arnaud who is attempting to become Iowa State's starting quarterback.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your view on the competition at the quarterback position between you and Phillip?

Austen Arnaud: Right now it's really about us getting better and being able to lead the offense better. We're just trying to improve and things will eventually get settled by the coaches at some point before the first game.

CSR: What have you improved on the most since last season?

AA: I would have to say maturity and knowing that I have to be more vocal if I want to lead this team.

CSR: How great is to have true freshmen coming in and making an impact on offense so far in camp?

AA: It's great. We have guys that have been here three to four years who are doing a great job and then you have guys like Sedrick (Johnson) and Darius Darks who are making very exciting plays for us.

CSR: How have Coach Chizik and the staff helped you improve at the quarterback position?

AA: They have really helped us understand football better and where we need to go with the ball. They really want us to be as perfect as possible.

CSR: How has the offense improved from last season?

AA: I would say our play making ability. We really have more speed to get vertical and make a lot of big plays. We have to step it up because I think it was our fault that we went 3-9 last year. We only scored 10 or 14 points in a lot of games and that can't happen again this year.

CSR: What did you learn from Bret Meyer the last two years?

AA: He was a guy who was really loved at Iowa State. He lead the team to two bowl games and I felt bad that he went out on a tough note last season. He was a real role model for me in regards to how you treat people and as a leader.

CSR: What are your team goals?

AA: We are taking it practice by practice because that's really what we have to do. Last year we got all excited and then 3-9 happened. That's not going to ever happen again.

CSR: Now that you have been at Iowa State for two full years, are you still happy that you decided to stay in your hometown for your college experience?

AA: I couldn't be happier that I am here. It's just a great town and my parents are here. It's really the happiest place on earth for me.

CSR: What or who has been the biggest surprise on offense so far in camp?

AA: I would have to say the offensive line. I just thinks it's much improved and that it is going to do a great job this year. We got a bunch of towers out there and I have been really impressed.

CSR: If you could compete in one Summer Olympic event what would it be?

AA: I'm not real fast so I can't say any of sprints for track. In high school, I did high jump and I really like the javelin since I think I could throw it really far so I would have to say one of those two.

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