Five Questions With Jesse Smith

As Cyclone Sports Report continues its season preview we go one-one-one with Iowa State's third leading tackler from 2007.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why do you feel that the defense will be better this season?

Jesse Smith: I think we've been in the system longer which will help. I also think that we are stronger and faster because everyone looks a step ahead from last year.

CSR: What did you take away as a player from Ace Bowen?

JS: Mostly to just do your job. He always preached that if everyone does their job and does it well that we can win a lot of games.

CSR: Do you feel you are one of the leaders of the defense?

JS: I think I am but there are others also. I just think that if everyone sees me doing my job and then they do their job that we'll be a lot stronger defense.

CSR: How has Coach Chizik helped you as a player?

JS: He's helped me and the whole defense by correcting what we do wrong. He knows each position so well that when I'm wrong he will come over and correct my technique.

CSR: What is the biggest thing the defense needed to improve on from last year?

JS: It needed to be a lot more consistent. We had our ups and downs and we played well at times and then other games were not so good. We need to play well all the time this season.

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