ISU On Offense Against South Dakota St.

The 2008 season is upon us and for Iowa State there is a variety of questions on offense going into the season. Will they begin to answer them against South Dakota State?

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys To Look For On Thursday Night:

1)It All Starts Up Front-After weeks of fierce competition in camp we finally get to see what this group of offensive linemen can do. If they can get the ground game going early and dominate South Dakota State's much smaller front four, the Cyclones should win easily. Their focus will be to stop the Jackrabbits only defensive lineman over 255 pounds, Eric Schroeder, who led the team last season with 6.5 sacks.

2)Two-Headed Monster-The Cyclones are the only school in the Big 12 North without an experienced starter at quarterback going into the season. Austen Arnaud will start and has a small amount of experience but he has only thrown 37 passes in his career and not one went for a touchdown. The staff would prefer if Arnaud or Phillip Bates would win the job outright during these first two weeks. Both have a lot of talent so it should be interesting to see how they do fighting for the starting position. They are going against a secondary that returns only one starter so they should have numerous chances to make big plays.

3)Can the Kids Play?-How often do you see a team list their two back-up wide receivers on an opening game depth chart as true freshmen? Very rarely and how often does a team only play two wide receivers during a game? The answer is never which means that Cyclone fans will get to see the debuts of Darius Darks and Sedrick Johnson on Thursday night. Let's hope this duo can make big plays in the games like they did throughout camp.

The Offensive Depth Chart:


4 Austen Arnaud, 6-3, 222, SO.

7 Phillip Bates, 6-1, 218, SO.


26 Taylor Mansfield, 6-1, 255, SO.

29 Brian Ekwlelundu, 5-11, 232, JR.

Running Back

33 Alexander Robinson, 5-10, 182, SO.

6 Jason Scales, 5-9, 212, SR.

3 J.J. Bass, 6-0, 200, SR.

Wide Receiver

5 R.J. Sumrall, 6-1, 202, SR.

14 Sedrick Johnson, 6-4, 188, FR.

Wide Receiver

82 Marquis Hamilton, 6-4, 220, JR.

24 Darius Darks, 6-1, 167, FR.

Tight End

84 Derrick Catlett, 6-4, 241, JR.

88 Collin Franklin, 6-6, 247, SO.

Left Tackle

75 Doug Dedrick, 6-4, 301, SR.

58 Hayworth Hicks, 6-3, 330, SO.

Left Guard

73 Reggie Stephens, 6-4, 313, JR.

72 Kelechi Osemele, 6-5, 330, FR.


52 Mike Knapp, 6-3, 272, JR.

77 Alex Alvarez, 6-2, 291, SO.

Right Guard

63 Ben Lamaak, 6-5, 315, SO.

60 Brandon Johnson, 6-4, 322, SR.

71 Trey Baysinger, 6-6, 315, FR.

Right Tackle

67 Matt Hulbert, 6-7, 286, SO.

51 Scott Haughton, 6-4, 335, FR.

Special Teams:

Kickoff Returners

17 Devin McDowell, 5-9, 180, SO.

23 Leonard Johnson, 5-10, 179, FR.

Punt Returners

17 Devin McDowell, 5-9, 180, SO.

23 Leonard Johnson, 5-10, 179, FR.

Deep Snapper

37 Dakota Zimmerman, 6-2, 223, FR.

49 David Wonders, 6-0, 253, SO.


24 Derec Schmidgall, 6-1, 221, JR.

13 Mike Brandtner, 6-1, 206, JR.

15 Houston Jones, 6-1, 196, JR.

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