Coach Bolt's Breakdown: ISU vs. SDSU

Iowa State defensive coordinator Wayne Bolt talks with Cyclone Sports Report about his thoughts on the Cyclones first victory of the season.

Cyclone Sports Report: What things were you pleased with the most from the South Dakota State game?

Wayne Bolt: We talked after watching the film about two main things and that was that they looked fast and that they looked fresh. I think a lot of their strong play came from the fact that they are now sure of themselves in this defense. There didn't look like there was any uncertainty on film.

CSR: What things do you want to improve on the most heading into the game with Kent State?

WB: The number one thing would be missed tackles. We allowed 100 yards after contact in the South Dakota State game and so we have do a better job of tackling this week.

CSR: Leonard Johnson was second on the team in tackles with six and one of his big hits caused a fumble early in the game. Were you surprised that a true freshman had that big of an impact on the game?

WB: No, I wasn't surprised and I think it's really a tribute to Leonard Johnson. He's been doing that all throughout the fall for us which is pretty amazing because he was primarily a quarterback in high school. He's really a hitter and I think he's going to be one heck of a player.

CSR: You rotated a lot of players at defensive tackle. Can we expect this rotation each week and were you happy with their play?

WB: No question that we will keep rotating them. We've got to keep them fresh and so you might see us use up to six players at that position during the game. Of course when we need for something to happen we are going to go with our best. Overall, I was really happy with their play and I told them that after the game. Now they need to respond this week by building off their success from the first week.

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