Meet Michael Haynes

Fenger (IL) High School's Michael Haynes is all set for his visit to Iowa State this weekend.

"I'm real excited to go out there and see things at Iowa State," said Haynes. "I've been talking with them for the last couple of months and they have probably been recruiting me the hardest."

The 6-foot-6, 220-pound forward who recently transferred from Chicago Washington to Chicago Fenger has been communicating with Iowa State assistant coach Daniyal Robinson. "I've been talking with him a lot lately," he said. "He tells me that they really want me and that he thinks they can be really good if I go there. He really wanted me to come visit so I'm excited to go check it out."

Michael has offers from Iowa State and Marquette and has also been talking with DePaul and Bradley. He is not fully qualified yet but feels his chances are good that he can do so by the end of the year. "It's looking pretty good since I took some summer classes this summer," said Haynes. "I'll be taking the ACT this fall and so I think I should be okay."

Haynes has always been described as a combo-forward but he hopes to change that in college. "I'd prefer to eventually be known as guy who mainly plays the three position but I don't mind sliding over to the four at times," he said. "I feel I can play the three because my shot has really improved a lot during my time in high school."

Haynes is in no hurry to make a decision but hopes to learn a lot about the program during the weekend. "No matter what I still want to wait to make a decision," he said. "But I really want to see what the other coaches are like and how things are with the players. That's probably what is most important to me."

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