Coach McFarland Breaks Down ISU Offense

Cyclone Sports Report went one-on-one with Iowa State offensive coordinator Robert McFarland to find out what he thought of the South Dakota State game.

Cyclone Sports Report: Did Austen Arnaud take a step towards becoming the full-time starter as a result of the South Dakota State game?

Robert McFarland: I felt they both played well after watching the tape. They both moved the team and were able to make plays so I would say it will probably be about the same as week one. We'll see how practice goes before we make a final decision but I would say that Austen will probably get things started again.

CSR: How impressed were you with the freshman receivers Darius Darks and Sedrick Johnson?

RM: I think to start with they are both very good players. When we got them signed there was definitely a lot of hooping and hollering because we knew we were getting two guys that could come in and do a lot for us. The fact that they are doing this well as freshmen is really special. I also think the older players have done a great job of helping them grasp the offense. They were responding all throughout practice and then they stepped up and made some big plays in the game.

CSR: It seems like tight end Derrick Catlett could a very important weapon for this offense. Do you agree?

RM: Definitely because Derrick has been a very versatile player for us. He can play tight end, H-Back, and fullback and he's a guy who really understands the offense. He's really a guy who gets himself open very well and he has really great hands. He's just a big target that quarterbacks really like.

CSR: What was your assessment of the offensive line play during the South Dakota State game?

RM: For the first game for where we were from an experience standpoint, I thought we had a pretty good start. It was certainly a lot better first game than last year. I thought we eliminated a lot of the mistakes that we made last year. I also thought it was good to get a lot of them on the field. I think we had eleven in total play which is something we had never done before. The amazing thing is that seven of them are either freshman or sophomores.

CSR: Are you pushing Coach Chizik to move defensive tackle Austin Alburtis to the offensive side of the ball after seeing his sprint to end zone for his touchdown on Thursday?

RM: (Laughs) Well I'll definitely take him on offense if he will do that once a game.

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