Kantrail Horton Discusses Gilstrap With CSR

Former Cyclone Kantrail Horton has known 2009 Iowa State basketball commit Marquis Gilstrap for a very long time so Cyclone Sports Report turned to him to provide an in-depth look at his long-time friend.

Cyclone Sports Report: How long have you known him Marquis?

Kantrail Horton: Since he was a kid. We grew up in the same neighborhood in Covington, Georgia. He was first a really good football and baseball player. That's where I first noticed him. When I was at Iowa State, I would come home and we would work out together. Then I played overseas but I would still come home in the off-season and we kept working out together so I have really known him for a long time.

CSR: What did you tell Marquis about Iowa State?

KH: I told him that it's really a great place to go for college. The people are so nice and they all really welcome you and make you feel at home. I had to be honest so I also told him about the weather (laughs) and how cold it could get. Mostly I just told him it's really a great basketball environment.

CSR: What will Marquis bring as a player to Iowa State?

KH: He's 6-7 and is really a great shooter. He'll be able to create mismatches all over the court because he can also go down and post-up smaller players. He's just got a great all-around offensive game. I've seen a lot of good shooters and his shooting ability is better than most.

What do you like most about Marquis as a person?

KH: He's a great kid and he is very mature. He has been this way since he was a kid. He's never been in trouble and has always handled himself properly. He has a great family and I just feel Iowa State is getting a real find in Marquis.

CSR: What do you miss the most about Iowa State?

I really miss college basketball. The atmosphere, the people, and the team is what I really miss. Our team just had a great chemistry when I was there.

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