Hyder Enjoys Weekend In Ames

It was an eventful weekend visit for Austin (TX)defensive end Kerry Hyder who got to see one of his close friends and watch a very exciting Cyclone victory on Saturday night.

"It was really a good experience," said Hyder. "They have a great fan base and everything went really well. There's definitely a chance I could go to Iowa State but I still have to evaluate my options."

While many schools are recruiting the 6-foot-2, 250-pound defensive end from Johnson High School, Kerry has made it clear that two schools are on top at the moment. "Iowa State and Texas Tech are definitely my two favorites," said Hyder. "Next week I will be visiting Texas Tech."

Hyder got into Ames on Friday night and says he enjoyed getting to know Iowa State Head Coach Gene Chizik a lot better. "I got to meet with the coaches on Friday and Coach Chizik and I had real good conversation," he said. "He told me that he lets his freshmen play and that I would have a good chance to possibly play early next year."

He then got to hang out with his host and friend from Austin, Texas. "Darius Darks is a friend of mine from back home and he was my host and things with him went real well," said Hyder. "All the players welcomed me in like I was already part of the team."

On Saturday afternoon, Hyder got to see how the Cyclones prepare for a game. "I got to sit in on the defensive team meeting and then when they broke into units I got to hang out with Coach Pelton and the defensive linemen," he said.

During the game, Hyder got to move around and really enjoyed all aspects of the Cyclone victory. "I was on the sidelines for part of it and then we went into the stands at times which was cool because we got to be up close with their fan base," he said. "Coach Chizik had told me to picture myself playing here and during the game I definitely could see myself here at Iowa State."

Hyder then got to see more of the campus before his flight on Sunday morning. "They took us on a campus tour and I thought there was a lot of nice scenery," he said. "We got to go to the academic building and that went well."

Kerry plans on majoring in computer science and feels a final decision will likely happen before his season ends. "I would say I will probably make my decision in the next month or two," said Hyder. "Iowa State did everything they could this weekend. I just have to see what happens over the next couple months to make sure I make the right decision."

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