Rainey Happy With His First Official Visit

It was a very exciting weekend for Northbrook (TX) High School's Derrick Rainey who put on a dazzling display in his game on Friday night and then took off for his visit to Iowa State.

"We had a great game on Friday as we won 48-33," he said. "I had five tackles and one interception on defense and 114 yards and two touchdowns on offense."

Derrick then arrived in Ames on Saturday and was happy with what he saw. "It was better than what I thought it would be like," said Rainey. "It was not too small and it looked real nice."

He soon met up with the other two recruits that were in town Kenneth Guiton and Kerry Hyder before heading to meetings with the coaches. "I got to see my recruiting coach which is Coach Rodgers and that went real good," said Rainey. "Then I got to talk with Coach Chizik and I really liked his attitude. He didn't try to pressure me to make a decision right away. He just told me to take my time and to make my decision when I was completely comfortable with everything."

Derrick feels a decision could be coming by the end of the month once his visits are all completed. "I will be visiting TCU next week and then Arizona the week after that," he said. "So I probably will make my decision soon after that because I don't want to let something slip away by waiting too long."

The 6-foot-2, 185-pound Houston native plays running back and safety for his high school team but will likely make a switch in college. "All three of the schools are recruiting me to play wide receiver," said Rainey. "I really like playing running back but I'm totally fine switching to receiver."

Derrick also got to take part in team meetings on Saturday and said it really opened his eyes to what college football is all about. "It was really cool how they plan before every game," he said. "It's really another level. It's going to be a challenge but I think I'm definitely up for it."

Rainey then went to the game and according to him, the atmosphere could not have been better. "They let us on the field and we also sat in crowd at times and that was awsome. They told us how with no pro sports teams in Iowa, that Iowa State and Iowa were what everyone cared about the most which was pretty cool," he said. "Everyone knew who we were or they started looking us up. This one guy behind us started googling us on his I-Phone."

Derrick liked what he saw from the Cyclones during the game and really enjoyed celebrating with them when it was over. "I was really impressed with Iowa State and how they play," said Rainey. "After the game we got to help sing the school song with them which was really great. Then we went in the locker room and they were going crazy."

Rainey then got to hang out more with the team after the game and really enjoyed talking with his host for the weekend. "Sedric Johnson was my host for the weekend and he was really cool. I like that he was from Texas and he told me a lot about Iowa State and said that it was a real cool place to go to school."

Derrick then got to see some of the campus Sunday morning before heading home. "I thought the campus was really nice," he said. "We went to some of the academic buildings which was nice. I'll be majoring in electrical engineering or business."

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