Cyclones Land 2010 Commitment

Lutheran (WI) High School's Chim Kadima enjoyed his visit to Ames so much this past weekend that he decided to call Iowa State Head Coach Greg McDermott Tuesday morning and give him his commitment.

"He's real excited," said his brother Biaya. "It's a great situation for him because I think he'll likely be able to come in and play right away."

Biaya feels that Coach McDermott was also very instrumental in his brother's decision. "Chim really built a great relationship with the Coach McDermott and the rest of the staff," he said. "He let Chim know that he would be a big part of the program from day one. Iowa State has clearly shown the strongest interest and they are confident that he can play the one or the two guard."

Although the 6-foot-3, 185-pound guard was also being recruited by Boston College, Vanderbilt, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Marquette it was the Cyclones that clearly earned Chim's trust. "They weren't playing around with us," said Biaya. "Chim trusted the staff so much that he was confident enough to make his decision today."

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