Coach Bolt's Defensive Breakdown For Week 3

Iowa State defensive coordinator Wayne Bolt talks with Cyclone Sports Report about his thoughts on the progress of the defense as they prepare for their big showdown against Iowa.

Cyclone Sports Report: What aspect of the Cyclone defense are you most pleased with through the first two weeks?

Wayne Bolt: Without the question the fact that they have caused nine turnovers. It's clearly the biggest thing for the first two weeks.

CSR: Do you feel the Iowa game will likely come down to who makes less turnovers?

WB: I really do because it's really the name of the game. If you can create turnovers then you almost always have a chance. Our guys are doing a good job of making plays which is good because we always emphasize it.

CSR: What do you feel the defense has to improve on the most going into the Iowa game?

WB: No question that we are still missing tackles. Kent State had a lot of yards after contact which makes it two weeks in a row. It just didn't really get any better. That's our big emphasis this week and the number one thing we have been talking about the last couple of days.

CSR: What impresses you the most about Iowa's offense?

WB: Their physical play up front. They have always been able to run the football and they are very well coached. They keep it simple and they know what they are doing. I'm also impressed with their quarterback play so far. I think (Ricky) Stanzi's done well and even though (Jake) Christensen has been catching some heat, I think he has played well.

CSR: Do you sense the defense is gaining even more confidence after winning two games?

WB: I really think so. We were 0-2 at this time last year and had our backs against the wall last time we played Iowa. Our defense has played well at times and we've also struggled a little bit. We have really been hot and cold during the first two weeks. Obviously it's more fun to win but we still have got to play better. The bottom line is that we are always trying to improve.

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