Coach McFarland Breaks Down ISU Offense

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Iowa State offensive coordinator to find out what the Cyclones will need do offensively to get out of Iowa City with a victory.

Cyclone Sports Report: After two weeks of play, what are you most happy about with your offense?

Robert McFarland: I think I'm most pleased with the fact that we are finding a way to score in the red zone which was a real problem for us last year. I'm also pleased with the quarterback play and how our young receivers are stepping up and making plays.

CSR: What do you feel needs to improve most going into the Iowa game?

RM: I'm not really pleased with how we are running the ball. The line has to get more physical up front and the backs need to be more physical running with the ball.

CSR: Some people thought playing two quarterbacks would be a problem. Do you feel it's becoming a luxury?

RM: It really is and the amazing thing about it is that it's hard enough to find one starting quarterback. When you have two it's really a great situation and our team is loving it. They both make big plays and neither one has a problem with their ego. I couldn't be more pleased with how great their attitude is. They are totally pushing each other and they really have a great relationship.

CSR: Are you concerned about how your young offense will react to playing on the road in a huge rivalry game?

RM: We are a little bit because we are extremely young. They won't be in the same hotel room and they will be going into a hostile situation. It's just a psychological thing that they have to deal with. We're playing a great team so they might get flustered the first three or four minutes. Hopefully we'll settle down and start making big plays.

CSR: Would you be surprised if Alexander Robinson didn't play against Iowa?

RM: We'll be evaluating him all week and he has had the last couple of days off so hopefully he's getting better. We definitely hope to get him in there against Iowa.

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