Coach Bolt Talks Defense

Iowa State defensive coordinator Wayne Bolt talks with Cyclone Sports Report about his thoughts on the tough loss to Iowa and what his defense needs to do to stop UNLV this week.

Cyclone Sports Report: Even though the Iowa game was a very tough loss, were you pleased with the defensive effort?

Wayne Bolt: I really was and I thought the kids played hard. I thought we made some good stops on third down. We were worried it was going to be a third and short game but we got them in third and long consistently and got a lot of stops.

CSR: What needs to improve in your opinion?

WB: We still missed some tackles and one was real costly because it led to their first field goal. We had them in third and long and should have forced a punt.

CSR: What has your kids attitude been like since the loss?

WB: They came back and had a good practice today. They really worked hard and I think they are a resilient group. They have to comeback and get ready for another very tough game.

CSR: Is there one or two players that have really surprised you with how well they have played on defense through the first three games?

WB: I would have to say our young corners who have really played well. Ter'ran (Benton) and Leonard (Johnson) are really coming on and getting better. They just stepped up and gave us a lift after Kennard (Banks) got hurt. We're really proud of those two kids because they are getting better each week and really giving us much needed depth in the secondary.

CSR: UNLV's offense rolled up 345 yards in their impressive overtime victory over Arizona State. What impresses you most about them?

WB: They are very athletic at the skill positions. Their quarterback is just a great athlete and they can really spread you out. They also have a power running game that involves mixing in three or four running backs. So they can definitely give you some problems because they can dink and dunk or run it on you. I think they will also be very confident after beating Arizona State. Luckily for us, we have played against the spread many times after going against teams like Texas Tech, Missouri, and Kansas which should help us.

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