ISU On Offense Against Kansas

Can the Cyclones offense keep the momentum going from their outstanding second half against UNLV?

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys TO Look For On Saturday Afternoon:

1)RUN GAME MUST SHOW UP-One way to keep the powerful Kansas offense off the field is to have a great day running the ball. The last two games have been a real struggle for Alexander Robinson so the Cyclones may have to turn more to J.J. Bass like they did at UNLV when he really sparked the offense in the second half.

2)LET ARNAUD PLAY MOST OF THE GAME-The offense definitely needs Phillip Bates at some position but right now Austen Arnaud is really clicking at quarterback and I think it's time he gets most or all of the game to prove that he can be the man for the rest of the season. Arnaud really grew up in the second half at UNLV and they need to let him continue to build off his very solid performance.

GET IN THE END ZONE-If Iowa State has to settle for field goals on Saturday they will likely lose. However, if they can put up 28-35 points, they have a chance to pull off the upset.

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