Brisbon Enjoys Trip To Ames

Tampa (FL) Hillsborough High School's Jerod Brisbon noticed something very important on his visit to Ames this weekend.

"They run the same defense that we run at Hillsborough," said Brisbon. "I could definitely see myself playing there at Iowa State."

Jerod even considered committing over the weekend but decided to give himself some time before he makes a final decision. "I'll tell you the truth and that is that I was going to do it (commit)," said Brisbon. "Then I thought I should take some more visits just to make sure about my decision. Right now they are definitely my leader but at the moment I really want to wait. I'm human so I could change my mind and commit sooner than later. I do know that there is a strong possibility that I will eventually commit to Iowa State."

Jerod also liked catching up with Iowa State assistant coach Mike Pelton who has been in contact with Jerod on a consistent basis. "Our relationship has gotten strong on the phone as I really like talking with him," he said. "But I would say it's even stronger after the visit."

The 6-foot, 205-pound linebacker also got to spend some time with Coach Chizik. "He really wants me to be a part of their program and he told me what I could expect," said Brisbon. "He talked to me and my dad for a while and my dad also really liked him."

Jerod spent a lot of his time after the game with his host Fred Garrin and said that Garrin told him how much he enjoys Iowa State. "He said that he loves it and that everyone is treated like family," said Brisbon. "I could tell because everyone really got along together which is a good sign."

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