Beshears Makes It Ten Cyclone Commitments

Ryan (TX) High School's D.J. Beshears was going to wait until the weekend before he made a final decision. The star wide receiver had a change of heart last night and decided to call Iowa State Head Coach Gene Chizik with the good news.

"He was very excited," said Beshears. "He even said that it made his night."

Beshears wanted his dad to talk to Coach Chizik at the Baylor game this weekend but ultimately felt it might be too difficult so he had his dad talk with Coach Chizik on Monday night. "They had a real good talk and he's real excited," said Beshears.

D.J. says that ultimately his visit really convinced him that he wanted to be a Cyclone. "I was thinking about it and I really like the school," he said. "I also think it's real cool that there is a lot of Texas players there. I met James White on my visit and he's real cool. I hit it off with him and all the recruits."

D.J. also said that Coach Chizik had a lot to do with his decision. "I really believe in him as a coach," said Beshears. "He just wants to turn the program around and I want to help him do that."

Beshears, who has eleven touchdown receptions and two punt returns for touchdowns, hopes to come in and make an impact next season. "They were telling me that they want playmakers and that's what I want to do when I get there," he said. "I'm not against redshirting but I hope to play as a freshman. Coach Chizik said that I will definitely have a chance to get on the field next year."

D.J. is glad that his recruitment is over and said that he might be making back to Ames before the season is over. "It's really a relief because I was going week-by-week trying to impress scouts but now I can just go play because I know I'm going to a good school in Iowa State," said Beshears. "I might even try and get to the Missouri game for another visit. I really want to see that game."

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