CSR Talks With D.J. Beshears Head Coach

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Ryan (TX) High School Head Football Coach Joey Florence.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why do you think D.J. is considered a sleeper recruit?

Joey Florence: Probably because he's a tweener with his size. He's not a tall kid being only 5-9 or 5-10 but he has tremendous football speed and he really plays the game at a different level. He has good forty times but he's not a guy with track star speed. I think also that he was hurt last year because we didn't win a lot so we didn't get a lot of exposure. I give Gene (Chizik) a lot of credit for taking this kid. He's going to help Iowa State win a lot of games.

CSR: What are his strengths?

JF: He's an exciting and explosive player who can score any time he touches the ball. He is an aggressive runner who runs very aggressive routes at wide receiver. Even though he is smaller he is very tough to bring down.

CSR: What does he need to improve on?

JF: Probably the number one thing would be to just keep working on getting faster. He ran track for us last year which really has helped him.

CSR: How coachable of a player is D.J. Beshears?

JF: He's unbelievably coachable and really I think it's one of his strongest assets. He's tremendously competitive on Friday night but he'll also run his routes just as hard in practice as in the game.

CSR: Is he the best return man that you have ever coached?

JF: He's going to end up in my top two along with Earl Goldsmith who is currently a back-up wide receiver at Missouri. They both are definitely my two most explosive return guys that I have coached.

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