Broomfield Possibly Close To A Decision

The thought of being able to come in and compete for significant playing time next season has Bayside (FL) High School safety Deon Broomfield thinking of possibly committing to Iowa State in the near future.

"That is what really caught my attention was knowing that I would have the chance to possibly start next year if I went there," said Broomfield. "They told me that they have two safety's graduating and so there is clearly an opportunity for me. Everything about the visit went well and I would say there were no negatives."

The 6-foot, 169-pound safety feels that he could be close to committing to Iowa State. "I'm heading back to Florida right now and when I get back I'm going to talk about everything with my parents," said Broomfield. "If I feel like I'm ready after talking with them then I will call the staff and tell them that I'm committing."

Deon got into town on Friday and had a great time from the start. "I went out to dinner with Jeremiah (Schwarz), Roosevelt (Maggitt), and the coaches," he said. "They were all really cool and pretty funny. We had a good time."

He then took in game day in Ames on Saturday and came away very impressed. "We got to the stadium early and saw all the tailgaters," he said. "We also got to see the walk with the players into the stadium with the band playing which was pretty crazy. I could definitely see myself doing that."

Deon was amazed at the type of support that Iowa State fans show the team. "It was just awsome the way their fans supported them," he said. "There was guys at the game that knew my name and they said that there was like 55,000 fans at the game."

Deon got to tour the campus on Sunday morning and really like what he got to see. "The campus is beautiful and I really liked the Academic Center," said Broomfield. "They told us the whole plan for how they help us academically and what they had to say sounded great. I'm thinking about studying journalism when I get to college."

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