Spence Likes Visit To Ames

After visiting Iowa State this weekend, Akeem Spence feels that Iowa State is definitely a school that will be in his top five when he makes his final decision.

"The visit went pretty good and the campus was really nice," said Spence. "It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of nice people. They are definitely in my top five but right now I want to make sure I take all five of my visits so that I can see what's out there."

Akeem got into town Friday night and really enjoyed talking with Coach Chizik at dinner. "He told me about how I would have a great chance of coming in and starting next year if I came to Iowa State," said Spence. "He's definitely a guy that I could play for in the future. He really shows concern for his players."

Akeem then took in the game on Saturday and really enjoyed the whole day. "The game atmosphere was really great," he said. "I got to be there when they went onto the field and the fans were really good throughout the game. Then I went out with my host after the game and really enjoyed getting to see the campus."

Akeem clearly is in no hurry to make a final decision. "I don't know when I will take my other visits but it will likely be sometime after the season," he said. "I'll definitely be waiting until signing day before I make my final decision."

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