CSR Update: Derrick Rainey

Cyclone Sports Report checks in with Iowa State recruiting target Derrick Rainey who they are looking at as a wide receiver.

Cyclone Sports Report: Have you taken any visits since you visited Iowa State?

Derrick Rainey: No, I have not been able to since then.

SR: Are you still in contact with Iowa State on a consistent basis?

DR: Yes, I talk mostly with Coach Rodgers.

CSR: Do you have any new visits set up?

DR: Yes, I'm going to Arizona on December 6th and then I'll be going to Missouri later in December.

CSR: So are Iowa State, Arizona, and Missouri your top three schools at the moment?

DR: At the moment I don't really know. This is going to be a very hard choice for me to make because a lot of great schools are coming into the picture.

CSR: Are you likely going to wait until signing day to decide or would you like to get it over by November or December?

DR: I would like to get it over but the way its looking might mean it's going to be on signing day.

CSR: How have you and your family been doing since the terrible storms that Houston got hit with about a month ago?

DR: My family and I are doing great now but we did have two games cancelled because of all the weather.

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