ISU On Offense Against Texas A&M

Will Iowa State take advantage of a defense that has given up an average of 44 points over the last three games?

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys To Look For On Saturday Evening:

1)PLAYERS NEED TO STEP UP!!-Some people are blaming offensive coordinator Robert McFarland for ALL the problems on offense but the bottom line is that he can't block, run, or catch the ball. Sure, there has been some questionable offensive calls on occasion but the reality is that this clearly is not all of Coach McFarland's fault.

2)CONVERT A THIRD DOWN-Last week we pointed out that we were last in the league (28 out of 85) and then we go out and convert only 2 of 13. If this doesn't change then the Cyclones are likely headed to a sixth straight loss.

3)RUN THE BALL WITH SUCCESS-The Aggies are dead last in rushing defense giving up an average of 180 rushing yards a game. Something has to give here because the Cyclones struggled again last week. Besides the one great run by Alexander Robinson, he only had 10 carries for 20 yards and J.J. Bass rushed for 9 yards on 5 carries. If the Iowa State running game steps up Saturday night, I expect a big win for the Cyclones.

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