McHargue Very Happy With Iowa State Visit

Round Rock (TX) quarterback Taylor McHargue left Ames, Iowa on Sunday with a very high opinion of the Iowa State program.

"It was awsome and they have unbelievable support from their fans. It's just a great game day atmosphere," he said. "They have not offered me yet but if they do then they would definitely be my favorite."

The 6-foot-1, 195-pound quarterback witnessed a Cyclone loss on Saturday night but he did not come away discouraged by what he saw on the field. "One thing they got is a lot of young talent," said McHargue. "So if I went to Iowa State I feel that I would be surrounded by players who could help me make plays. I really like their style of offense."

Taylor enjoyed getting to hang out with Iowa State starting quarterback Austen Arnaud who was his host for the weekend. "He's a real good guy who I enjoyed talking with," said McHargue. "We talked about the game and he told me how he really believes that Coach Chizik is going to turn the program around."

Taylor also got to talk with Coach Chizik and says the Iowa State head coach was very honest with him. "It went really well and he said that I am very high on their board for quarterbacks," he said. "He told me that they are looking at me and two other quarterbacks and that they are going to make a decision on who to offer in a few weeks."

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