ISU On Offense Against Oklahoma State

Can the Cyclone offense build off of its impressive showing against Texas A&M?

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys To Look For On Saturday Afternoon:

1)RUN THE BALL-The Cyclones currently rank 11th in the Big 12 in rushing offense and this has to change for two reasons if the Cyclones want to be competitive down the stretch. First, if they can develop their run game they will be keeping Oklahoma State's high-powered offense off the field. Secondly, if the opposing defenses have to respect our run game it will likely make things a lot more comfortable for quarterback Austen Arnaud.

TRICK PLAYS-Why not try and put them on their heels early on with a trick play. Even if it doesn't work it might loosen up the Cowboy defense a little bit. An early touchdown might do wonders for their confidence.

3)BELIEVE-The Cyclones offense has to step on the field realizing that they have talent and that they can compete with Oklahoma State. They are a 31 point underdodg because most people don't believe they have the talent to compete with Oklahoma State. If they step on the field with a chip on their shoulder and a belief that this season is not completely lost they might surprise the so-called experts.

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