Cyclones Land Class of 2012 Commitment

The Iowa State basketball program landed their first commitment for the Class of 2012 on Monday when Sioux City (IA) West High School's Wesley Staten decided to end his recruitment. Cyclone Sports Report talked with Wesley to find out what led to his early decision.

Cyclone Sports Report: How did this decision come about today?

Wesley Staten: I talked to Coach McDermott about three weeks ago and he told me to really think about it and so that's what my family and I did. After thinking about it I realized that I wanted to commit.

CSR: So what exactly happened today?

WS: I called and spoke with Coach McDermott and told him that I wanted to commit. He was real happy with my decision and then he put me on speaker phone and then Coach Rutter got real excited.

CSR: When did Iowa State start recruiting you?

WS: They started looking at me last spring. They first came to Sioux City to watch me work out.

CSR: Which coach was recruiting you the hardest?

WS: Coach Rutter has been talking with me the most. He's a great person and a good coach. He also clicked with my family and I just felt that we connected right away.

CSR: When did Coach McDermott first see you play?

WS: About three weeks ago when he came to one of my workouts.

CSR: How was your visit to Iowa State for the Texas A&M football game weekend?

WS: I came with my parents and my junior high basketball coach and we all loved it. The football game was really great and I just like the atmosphere a lot. The academic program seems great and I really liked getting to watch Coach McDermott at practice. You could tell the players have a good relationship with him. They had a good time but he was making them work very hard. I really like a coach who makes you work hard.

CSR: Which players did you get to talk to?

WS: Mostly Craig Brackins, Diante Garrett, Dominique Buckley, and L.A. Pomlee. I really liked talking to Craig because I look up to him. I got to play in the scrimmage on that Saturday and I thought I did pretty well. He was telling me some pointers which could help me.

CSR: Have you always lived in Iowa?

WS: No, I was born in Alabama and then I moved to Sioux City four years ago.

CSR: Have you always liked Iowa State since you moved out here?

WS: With basketball they have been my favorite in the state of Iowa.

CSR: Have you been to a game at Hilton Coliseum?

WS: I got to go to my first game last year.

CSR: What did you think about the experience?

WS: It was really great and the fans showed a lot of support.

CSR: Do you plan on attending a lot of games this year?

WS: I hope to make a lot of games and I'm going to come down for their exhibition game this weekend.

CSR: You made this decision before you ever played a high school game. Do you feel this decision is final?

WS: I definitely feel it's 100% final and so do my parents.

CSR: Did you expect to make a decision this soon?

WS: No, I just went through the process and came to a conclusion that I wanted to verbally commit to Iowa State.

CSR: What do you feel your strengths are as a basketball player?

WS: I feel that I can change the tempo and I really like to lock people down on defense. I feel I'm unselfish but that I can score when I need to.

CSR: What is your height and weight?

WS: I'm 6-foot and 150 pounds.

CSR: How happy are you have this decision over?

WS: It's a real big deal for me because now I have no worries. I can just go out on the court and play.

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