CSR: One-On-One With Wes Eikmeier

As the Iowa State basketball team prepares for the first few games of the season, freshman guard Wes Eikmeier continues to adjust to the college life and college basketball. Cyclone Sports Report recently talked with Wes to see how things are going.

Cyclone Sports Report: How has your experience at Iowa State gone so far?

Wes Eikmeier: I think things are going really good and I feel I have putting in a lot of work. We've been playing every day and getting in our meals and lifting. The best part is that we all like to hang out together.

CSR: You told Cyclone Sports Report this summer that you felt you needed to get stronger. How is that going?

WE: It was going good as I had gained ten pounds and then I got the flu and lost everything. I just finally got back to that weight and now I'm just looking to maintain it.

CSR: What has been the biggest adjustment that you have had to make playing at the college level?

WE: The intensity level on every possession and the attention to detail. I would also say being able to guard the ball and being at the right place at the right time in our offense.

CSR: Is there that any chance that you will redshirt this season?

WE: I don't think I am going to anymore. I had expressed interest in possibly doing it earlier but I don't think Coach McDermott wants me to. I feel like I have played well enough to where I will be in the rotation this season.

CSR: What do you see as the team's biggest strength?

WE: I would say it's our chemistry. How well we pick each other up and move past mistakes. I think it's going to help us go a long way.

CSR: What does the team need to improve on heading into the season?

WE: I would have to say defensive rebounding because that is something that you can always improve on.

CSR: How much of an adjustment has it been for you going from being the main focus of your high school team to more of a role player as a freshman at Iowa State?

WE: It hasn't been that much of an adjustment. The biggest thing for me is winning games and I think we all understand our roles. I'm just here to do whatever Coach Mac wants me to do.

CSR: What is the main reason this team could make the post-season this year?

WE: I think of our strategy of getting quality shots and understanding how important each possession can be will really help us. If Craig Brackins gets hot then we are going to get him the ball and if Sean or Lucca are hot from three-point range then we will recognize that.

CSR: Besides Justin Hamilton, who eats the most on the team?

WE: Probably L.A. (Pomlee) because he'll always be the first to tell you that he loves to eat and sleep.

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