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"They told me about this guy who never really got to play in high school, but was a hard-playing guy. That's my type of guy."
Vroman prefers to stay behind the scenes
Des Moines Register

"I have great respect for them. When you are the No. 1 offense in the country you're doing something right. Our defense needs to get back together and gel together and get back to that winning Cyclone defense we had in the beginning of the season. We need to gain some of our respect back and (playing Boise State) is the best way to do that."
Boise State's explosive attack of concern to ISU
Ames Tribune

"That's what I like about the first part of the season. There's a chance for some good matchups like that. I looked forward to playing up there a year ago, and I'm looking forward to the rematch, too. Hopefully, the outcome will be a little different."
Boston College presents first challenge for Cyclones
Quad City Times

Sullivan, Bell get rematch in Ames
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"I couldn't guard Troy Bell. That sticks out in my mind. We couldn't keep him off the free throw line. He was there all night."
Two guards go back to days playing together in Minnesota
Omaha World Herald

"Until our conference forces the bowls to take the teams in the way they finish -- one, two three and four -- this is always going to happen. But I know there are some complications."
Records have little to do with team's slotting in postseason bowls
Kansas City Star

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