Virgin Enjoys Trip To Ames

Westwood (FL) High School's Isaac Virgin is not ready to make a final decision but one thing definitely stood out on his visit to Iowa State this weekend.

"They got a lot of guys from where I'm from," said Virgin. "They have 21 from the state of Florida and like 11 or 12 from the Palm Beach area which is not too far from where I live."

Virgin also really clicked with his host Bo Williams who is also a Florida native. "I got a pretty good vibe from Bo," he said. "He was giving me things to look at throughout the weekend to help me with my recruitment. He told me about how he transfered from Florida and just showed me a lot of knowledge."

The 6-foot-4, 230-pound quarterback also enjoyed getting to talk with the Iowa State coaches during his visit. "I got in late on Friday and went to dinner with Coach Petersen and he just was going over their style of offense with me," said Virgin. "Then on Saturday I got a lot of time to talk with Coach Chizik and he just explained how he's trying to change the program."

Isaac clearly came away impressed from his talk with the Iowa State head football coach. "I thought he was very honest and that it went real well," he said. "I will definitely be keeping Iowa State in mind and I think that I could play there."

Even though Iowa State is struggling this season, Virgin is not afraid of trying to come in and help change things. "I'm a three sport athlete and I have always played on the varsity so I'm already used to playing against older guys," he said. "It's the Big 12 and it would be a big step but I think I could come in and help."

Virgin actually feels that Iowa State isn't too far away from turning things around. "They're just real young and haven't gotten over the hump," he said. "They are trying to get a veteran attitude which I think will help. I don't think they are a bad team because they are just lacking experience."

Isaac also liked what he saw before the Missouri game started. "The spirit walk was great and the atmosphere was really impressive due to the fact that it was only about 30 degrees," said Virgin. "The fact that they still had that many people is pretty impressive."

Isaac hopes to take a few more visits over the next month or two and then make his decision. "My top four are still Iowa State, Purdue, South Florida, and Liberty," he said. "I plan on taking visits to each and then mostly likely I'll make my decision after that happens."

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