CSR Exclusive: One-On-One With Chris Colvin

Cyclone Sports Report talked with Whitney Young (IL) High School's Chris Colvin minutes after he announced his decision to find out why he ultimately decided to choose Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: What were the final factors down the stretch that led to this decision?

Chris Colvin: I wanted to stay relatively close so that my dad could get to see most of my games. My dad is the one who has helped me the most so I wanted to make sure he could see me play.

CSR: When did you finally realize that you were going to choose Iowa State?

CC: I would say about three or four days ago.

CSR: What did you like most about Coach McDermott when you met him?

CC: He treated me as a real person and he didn't try to pressure me into any decision. He also makes it kind of feel like a family when you are there. He told me that I should go where I fit the best. He told me how I would fit in at Iowa State and I really think it will be a good fit. My dad and I really think he is an honest man and so I just decided to go with it and choose him as my coach.

CSR: How important was your relationship with assistant coach Daniyal Robinson?

CC: I really like Coach Robinson a lot and I have a cousin and an uncle in Rock Island who has known him for years. They completely know that they can trust him with helping me out when I am there.

CSR: What there any players that you really connected with when you were on your visit to Iowa State?

CC: I really hung out with Craig Brackins a lot. I connected with him right away and it kind of reminded me of a player named Dwight McCombs who was older at Whitney Young when I was a freshman that I really connected with who helped me out a lot. I felt like I was already part of the Iowa State team when I was playing with Craig on my visit. He just really made me feel comfortable which is important.

CSR: How happy are you to be done with the recruiting process?

CC: It's great because now I can just focus on my books, the season, and all the tasks at hand. Now I'm just looking forward to leaving my mark at Whitney Young.

CSR: Some scouts have called you a point guard and others have called you a combo guard. How do you look at yourself as a player?

CC: I feel like I am a true point guard but if you need me to score I can do that when needed.

CSR: When is your first game of the season?

CC: We don't play until December 6th down in Kentucky. We are in a tournament down there.

CSR: Congratulations on your decision of picking Iowa State.

CC: Thanks a lot.

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