CSR Talks With Coach Tyrone Slaughter

Cyclone Sports Report was first to talk with Chris Colvin after he made his signing of his letter of intent official. CSR caught up with his high school coach Tyrone Slaughter to find out the inside scoop on the type of player that Iowa State will be getting in 2009.

Cyclone Sports Report: How would you describe Chris as a person?

Tyrone Slaughter: He's really a good kid. I know a lot of coaches say that about their player but it is really true with Chris. He really does a good job of just being a kid and he's really an unselfish teammate.

CSR: How much has he improved since he was a freshman?

TS: He's really improved a lot but I think the reason he has improved so much is that Chris understands that the key to getting better is working on your limitations. He has always done that throughout his career.

CSR: How is Chris as a leader?

TS: That's not something he has really had to do so far due to the fact that we have really had some outstanding leaders that were older than him throughout his years here at Whitney Young. This year he will be stepping into that role and so far he shown tremendous leadership ability.

CSR: How good can Chris be at the college level?

TS: From my standpoint, Iowa State fans should consider themselves blessed to get a player like Chris. I feel that he can come in as a freshman and really make a big impact as a player.

What's the biggest strength that Chris has a player?

TS: I would say his ability to get to the basket and how he always shows up in the big games. He's really a tough cover and is so good under pressure. That's what makes him so good is that he always proves his worth.

CSR: What professional player would you compare his game to?

TS: I would probably say Baron Davis or Rod Strickland. Like both of them, Chris does a great job of overpowering other point guards with his speed and strength.

CSR: Do you think Chris has a good chance to win Mr.Basketball in the state of Illinois?

TS: Chris has set out goals and along with helping his team win city and state championships I know that Chris has also set a goal to win the award. I feel it's pretty clear that as a player he has the tools to do so.

CSR: What is the one thing he needs to keep working on the most before he gets to college?

TS: I would probably say shooting the basketball and that's the one thing that he probably put the greatest emphasis on this summer. Getting to the basket is just really simple for him so I would have to say that he just needs to make shots a little more on a consistent basis.

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