ISU On Offense Against Kansas State

What can we expect from this young offense as it approaches its final game of the season on the road at Kansas State?

The Cyclone Sports Report Three Keys To Look For On Saturday Afternoon:

1)PRIDE-The Cyclones have lost nine straight and need to do something positive like beating Kansas State so they can build off it during the spring. A lot of the guys on the is offense will be back next so they need to make sure they don't mail it in like some 2-9 teams do late in the season.

2)RUN THE BALL-Kansas State is dead last in the Big 12 when it comes to stopping the run. They are giving up 231 yards a game so Alexander Robinson should be in for a really good day.

3)GET OFF TO A QUICK START-This is a very tough game for both of these teams. Kansas State's Head Coach Ron Prince won't be back next season and Iowa State has lost nine in a row so there is a good chance that the team that strikes early and gains the momentum could end up victorious. Kansas State gives up the most points (44) per game in the Big 12 so the Cyclones should have numerous opportunities to score.

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