Jordan's Journal Volume 1

2010 Cyclone Basketball Commit Jordan Dykstra has jumped on the team at Cyclone Sports Report. This season he will be providing a personal journal for all Iowa State fans to read.

To Iowa State Fans,

Hey, this is Jordan's Journal. I thought I should let everyone know how stuff is going for me so here it goes.

Football season just ended not too long ago and we finished up 6-5 on the season. It was a fun year for me, because I got to see a bunch of individual players come together for a common goal and reach the playoffs. In what we call sub-state we beat Eagle Grove 38-7. Then we ended up losing our next game to Central Lyon/George-Little Rock which was the team that placed 2nd in state in Class 2A.

Lately I have also gone to the Iowa State game against the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It was a fun game with the Clones coming out on top. I got to visit with the coaches after the game and with some of the players. I really enjoy speaking with the players because some of them might be my teammates. I also am very excited to get to play in Hilton. It has an amazing atmosphere especially in the big games and once again it had a good atmosphere when I was there. So overall, it was a really fun experience.

Now that football is over we have started up on basketball. I was really excited to be getting back into basketball because I am very excited about this years team. We are much improved from last year and we should have a lot more fun. Basketball practices have been pretty tough but I really enjoy going out everyday and making myself and the team better. Our first game is coming up on Monday which is December 1st against Unity Christian. It will be a good one and I will try and keep you updated every other week or so on how the season is going for the Rock Valley Rockets.

Peace until next time,

Jordan Dykstra

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