Wempa Close To A Decision

Due to an outstanding visit to Ames this weekend, Royse City (TX) High School's Brock Wempa could be making his final decision on a school in the next few days.

"It's down to UTEP and Iowa State and I'm definitely leaning toward Iowa State," said Wempa. "The whole visit was just great. I liked the environment, the staff, and all the players."

The Cyclones just recently offered the 6-foot-3, 281-pound center and feel he could possibly come in a challenge for a spot. "They offered me this past Tuesday," said Wempa. "They told me it all depends on how quick I can learn the system and that the best man will get the job," he said. "Coach Chizik said that he's not afraid to play young guys. It was really great talking with him. He's definitely someone that I could play for."

Brock added that he really believes that Coach Chizik can get things turned around at Iowa State. "There's just something about him and I really think he knows what he is talking about," said Wampa. "He's got a young team but he's bringing them back up. I really feel they will have a good team in the next couple of years."

Brock also likes that fact that his dad enjoyed the visit as well. "He loved everything about it," he said. "We got to tour the stadium, the academic center, and all the facilities. Then we got to go to the basketball game which was really great."

Brock didn't want to rush to make a decision but feels that it could happen this week. "I came back to talk it over with my mom before I would make any decision but playing in the Big 12 has always been a dream for me," said Wempa. "I'll likely likely make my decision this week."

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