Blankenship Checking Out His Options

Norman (OK) North High School's Beau Blankenship was thrown for a loop on Saturday when he heard the news that Gene Chizik was leaving Iowa State so now he just wants to wait and see what happens with the new coach.

"I was kind of shocked and it was a little upsetting," he said. "But I'm committed to the school and for the moment I'm going to stay committed."

Blankenship feels that in the mean time he still has to keep his options open. "Even though I'm still committed I'm going to check out what my options are," he said. "I've already heard from Kansas, Tulsa, and Air Force."

The key for Beau will be him getting a chance to speak with the new coach at Iowa State. "I'm definitely going to wait and talk with the new coach," said Blankenship. "It really just depends on how I connect with him and the new running backs coach. I also want to know what kind of opportunity that I will have and what type of offense that they will run."

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