Josh Lenz Reacts To Coach Chizik Leaving

The last thing on the mind of Dubuque Hempstead (IA) High School's Josh Lenz when he went to play his high school basketball game Friday night was that he might be dealing with a coaching switch at Iowa State. All of that changed dramatically when his mom got a phone call from his uncle.

"I was at my basketball game and my mom got a phone call that there was a story that he was a candidate for another job but I just figured it was a rumor," said Lenz. "I'm shocked now that it has actually happened. I just didn't see it coming at all."

For the time being Josh is just going to be patient and let everything play out before he makes any kind of decision. "I'm just going to wait and sit it out until I find out what is going on with the remaining staff and with who the new coach is going to be," he said. "Right now I definitely plan on still going to Iowa State."

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