Iowa State Gets Commitment From Spears

Even though he is not sure which coach he will play for, Trinity Valley Community College's Zack Spears is very excited to be the newest Cyclone.

"Iowa State started talking to me a long time ago and then when their first target James Carpenter decided to go elsewhere they offered me and things really picked up over the past two weeks," he said. "I have the scholarship sitting here on my kitchen table and I'll be signing it on Wednesday at 9:00 in the morning. I'm just really excited to be playing football in the Big 12. It's a dream come true for me and my family."

The 6-foot-7, 320-pound offensive tackle will be enrolling at Iowa State in January and will have three years of eligibility left. "I red-shirted my first year at Trinity and then started at left tackle this season," he said. "I red-shirted because I wanted more experience since I had only played football for one season in high school."

Zack was an outstanding basketball player and his size was finally spotted by a college recruiter who was at his school looking at some of the football players at his school. "I was pretty enormous in high school but I was more interested in basketball because I'm originally from Indiana," said Spears. "Basketball was always in my blood but when the football recruiters were on campus they wondered why I wasn't playing football. I started realizing that there were a lot of basketball players my size but not too many playing football. They told me I could probably go farther playing football and that I would likely have more scholarship offers from colleges."

Spears has been to Ames twice but has never toured the campus. "Coach (Robert) McFarland was just at my house and showed me a great power point presentation of the school and I just can't wait to get going. I'm really excited to be a Cyclone," he said. "I hope to come up for a visit before I enroll but that will be determined by the whoever is the new coach."

The thing that excites Zack most about going to Iowa State is that he will be reunited with his best friend. "I just can't wait to be playing with Sedrick Johnson who is my best friend. We talked about this possibly happening when we were in high school and now it's happening."

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