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And now tonight ... we start the bowl season. Already. Barely had time to catch our breath. But, here we go. It starts with the second annual New Orleans Bowl at 6 p.m. on ESPN2. North Texas vs. Cincinnati. Try to contain your excitement.
Doxsie: Bowl madness begins tonight
Quad City Times

"We didn't have enough to fill a plane."
ISU Alumni Association cancels bowl charter
Quad City Times

It was that image, not the one of Ford guiding the country through the end of the agony that was Watergate, that came to me as the Bowl Championship Series mess resolved itself. The world of college football bumbled, stumbled, tripped over the family cat and banged its head on a table before getting up. In this holiday season, we needed three wise men. Instead, we seemed to get Larry, Curly and Moe.
Fearless postseason forecast
Waterloo Courier

"The way things are now, if you're not in a BCS game, you've got to be lucky to get in the right bowl with the right matchup. I think we have. For us, the Cotton Bowl makes a lot of sense. Dallas, that's home for us. And LSU . . . it's a great regional matchup."
Cost factor involved in planning bowl trips
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Standout guard has change of outlook
Cedar Rapids Gazette

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