Taylor Martin Discusses His Options

Antelope Valley (CA) College defensive end Taylor Martin would like to speak with new Cylone head coach Paul Rhoads before he makes any decision on his future.

"I haven't heard from him yet but I'm guessing he'll probably call me in the next week," said Martin. "I look forward to talking with him to get a feel for what he is like."

Due to the change in coaches at Iowa State, the 6-foot-3, 250-pound defensive end has decided to open things up with his recruitment. "Right now my recruitment is open because the new staff coming in will be like a bunch of strangers to me," he said. "I still might end up at Iowa State but I really need to talk with the new coaches. I prefer to take another visit in January to Iowa State or they can come out to see me but either way I want to talk to them in person."

One thing that Taylor still likes a lot about Iowa State is the need for defensive ends on their roster. "It is definitely a factor because wherever I go I want to play right away because I only have two years left," said Martin. "I have already talked with Kansas State, North Texas, Marshall, and South Dakota but I'm not going to make any decisions until I talk with the Coach Rhoads."

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