Bronco Offense Similar to ISU's

Boise State head coach Dan Hawkins met with the media Wednesday afternoon via teleconference, as his Broncos prepared for a meeting with Iowa State on Dec. 31 in the Humanitarian Bowl. Here were some of his comments.

Opening comments:

"They're an outstanding team, headlined by their quarterback Seneca Wallace. I've been very impressed by him on film. They played an outstanding schedule this year, against some tremendously tough teams. Many of them are ranked and in bowl games. So I don't know that you always look at their record."

On success of offense this season:

"A lot of it revolves around our quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie, who's just been extremely productive. Although he doesn't have enough throws to be ranked nationally, he'd clearly be the number one pass efficiency quarterback in the country with a rating over 200. Our tailback Brock Forsey is a 1,500-yard rusher and leads the country in touchdowns.

"We've done a much better job this year of not turning the ball over and protecting the passer. Then we've got three pretty decent receivers as well. That stuff combined with some experience and guys that are used to winning and being in bowl games helps you."

On Boise State defender Quintin Mikell:

"Just like a lot of great players, the first thing you talk about is his off-the-field intangibles. He's a very coachable young man that practices hard and prepares hard. He's a very humble guy and outstanding leader. Obviously he's been starting for us for four years, so he has a tremendous amount of experience. He makes a lot of plays for us."

"The biggest stat I look at is his forced fumbles. That's a case of being around the ball, but he's also very adept at getting it out. He's a very good special teams player as well. He's a team captain and four-year starter, so he's been through the whole deal."

On Boise State's staying at home to play in Humanitarian Bowl with 11-1 record:

"You always love to travel and we would have loved to travel, too. But you've got to look at the practical matters of things and make the best decisions there. We were not a primary pick for (the Seattle Bowl). The fact that you had to wait and there were so many variables going on, I didn't think it was prudent to hang around and wait for a bunch of maybes when you had a definite. Our seniors were good to stay home and finish their careers on the blue."

On difference between practicing too much and too little for bowl game:

"There is a fine balance between burning them out and getting them ready. What we do a ton of is a lot of conditioning, lifting and some light practices to get the young guys some work and then crank it up right at the end. There's a fine balance between all of that."

On prospects of offensive shootout in this game:

"You never know. I know you've got two very dynamic teams, there's no question. Obviously Seneca is very difficult to contain and they've got a good receiver. The film I have watched of them, they spread it out and give you a lot of problems. I know defensively, it will be a big challenge for us."

"Number one, we've got to eliminate their running game. Even if you're playing Hawaii, who is throwing the ball a bunch, I still think you have to not let teams run the ball consistently against you. And then you have to get some turnovers. That's critical in every game. You've got to eliminate explosion plays. Teams are going to move the ball on you a little bit and that's OK. But I don't think you can let them gouge you. If you do those things on defense, typically you've got a chance to win."

On what he'd think about playing a team on its home field for bowl game:

"You'd always love to have situations of having a bigger crowd, neutral field, warm climate or a better opponent. You always get into those wants and wishes, but the bottom line is you don't always control that. You strap it up and you go. That's the way I look at it everything."

"Last year we had to travel to Louisiana Tech and Hawaii back to back. Would I have rather not done that? Yes, but that's the way it is. You strap it up and go. To burn a bunch of oil on stuff you don't control is not great."

On his team's offensive approach:

"We're fairly balanced. You don't have a 1,500-yard rusher if you're pass heavy, but we try to stay pretty balanced. We do launch the ball a decent amount. We're a multiple formation group. I looked at Iowa State on tape and to some degree we're similar to them, in terms of being wide open and doing a number of different things."

On quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie:

"He broke his ankle in the Arkansas game and came back in the second quarter against Fresno State, so he was down about five weeks. He can run around. He's not like Seneca and doesn't have that kind of mobility, but he can run around. He's a 6-foot-1, 200-pound kid that can move around, has a tremendous arm and is very accurate. He understands the game and is very competitive. He's not as physical as a Brett Favre, but he's a Brett Favre-kind of a guy."

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