CSR Talks With New Offensive Coordinator

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with new Iowa State offensive coordinator Tom Herman.

Cyclone Sports Report: What was your relationship with Coach Rhoads before you became a new assistant coach at Iowa State?

Tom Herman: I did not know Coach Rhoads at all. We met for the first time when we did the interview.

CSR: So what was it about Coach Rhoads that made you decide that you wanted to work under him as the offensive coordinator for Iowa State?

TH: His passion for Iowa State was unbelievable and all throughout the interview he showed a lot of enthusiasm. He really wants to make Iowa State a perennial winner that can compete on a high level and consistently go to bowl games. He has goals and a vision that he is already putting in action as we speak. We just hit it off from the start and I just feel we have a lot of similarities in the way we think.

CSR: Which coaches have had the most influence on you?

TH: I have worked with Coach (David) Bailiff for the last four years and he has really shaped and influenced me as a motivator and teacher of young men. I also learned a lot from Coach Ron Randleman at Sam Houston State and Coach (Mack) Brown at Texas. I also would have to say Coach Greg Davis at Texas who was really the one who taught me football when I was a graduate assistant at Texas. These guys are really great teachers and really showed me how to be a coach aside from the X's and O's. They taught me how to be there for the student athletes and how to recruit.

CSR: What are the basics of your offensive scheme that you are bringing to Ames?

TH: I tell people that we as an offense want to use space and numbers. We want to use every square inch of the field and we will play an up-tempo style that will use the no-huddle at times. I told Coach Rhoads in the interview that we're going to the go where they aint. It is an offense where the quarterback has to be well versed in what we are doing and it can definitely adapt to the personnel that we have.

CSR: What do you know about this Iowa State football team?

TH: Not too much but I'm learning every day as we go. It's funny because I did actually have a chance one Saturday this season to sit on the couch with my wife to watch some college football and we actually watched the Iowa State-Kansas game. I remember telling her that I felt this quarterback at Iowa State has a chance to be a pretty darn good player. It seems like they have a really good group of wide receivers and running backs coming back for me to work with. I'm real excited to get going.

CSR: What are your immediate plans?

TH: At the moment I will be staying in Texas this week to recruit. I'll then be in Ames this upcoming weekend to talk with Coach Rhoads about our overall plan for recruiting.

CSR: How important are your recruiting ties to Texas now that you are coaching in the Big 12?

TH: I think it's important but first we have to get the best players in the state of Iowa. Obviously we understand that we have to recruit the state of Texas and I think having recruited this area for about ten years that it is real important.

CSR: How excited are you to begin coaching in the Big 12?

TH: It's really exciting on a couple of fronts. First, to work for a guy like Coach Rhoads who has coached in places like the SEC and Big 12 already will be great and I expect to learn a lot from him. Secondly, it will be real exciting to see how the offense will translate in the Big 12 and some of the adaptations that we might have to make. It's going to be a fun offense for the players and it's going to be a fun offense for the fans to watch. I just hope it will be tough on Big 12 defenses.

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