Jordan's Journal Volume 3

2010 Cyclone Basketball Commit Jordan Dykstra has jumped on the team at Cyclone Sports Report. This season he is providing a personal journal for all Iowa State fans to read.

To Iowa State Fans,

Hey everyone, it's been a while I know and I am sorry for that but being involved in extracurricular activities like swing choir, jazz band, pep band and things such as these do not leave for a lot of time to write. As for my basketball, it has been going okay but I feel that I have not been playing up to what I consider my potential yet but hopefully I will get there sooner than later.

I don't know my exact statistics but I do know I have been going through some little growing pains moving from the 5 spot all the time to more of a guard position with my back to the basket very seldom. It has been difficult but my coach believes it is helping the team win so I am definately trying my best.

The team is winning as our record is 7 and 0 right now and we are playing okay basketball. We are not even close to peaking yet and I believe we will continue to improve. This is all that has been going on in my world. I hope all is going well for all of you.


Jordan Dykstra

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