Five Questions With Justin Hamilton

Iowa State freshman Justin Hamilton is beginning to make a big impact and Cyclones Sports Report caught up with recently to get his perspective on the season so far.

Cyclone Sports Report: How exciting is it to be playing games at Hilton Coliseum and to be having this big of an impact during your first season here at Iowa State?

Justin Hamilton: Hilton is really great and it's really a huge advantage that creates a whole different environment for us. It's really been exciting to be playing better after putting in so much time to get better as a player. The season is going great and I just want to keep doing whatever I can to help the team win.

CSR: Did you expect to have the success that you are so early into your career?

JH: I feel personally that it is going as well as I expected because I felt that if I could get a chance to play that I could step up and help the team. I just really felt coming into this season that I would do whatever the team needed and if that means starting then that's what I'll do.

CSR: How much does it help having Craig Brackins up front playing the way he is so far this season?

JH: It's really amazing. It is just so much easier on me when he's in the game. He really helps open things up for everyone because he is just so good.

CSR: What do you feel you need to continue to improve on as we move into Big 12 Conference play?

JH: I have to be more consistent and stronger with the ball inside. I also have to keep rebounding as much as possible.

CSR: What do you feel Iowa State's expectations are for the Big 12 season?

JH: We definitely feel we can make a good impact in the league. The key for us is to play to our abilities and not fall into a slump. If we do the necessary things to win we should be fine.

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